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Storrs Community Church


Into the Wilderness


March 1                        Exodus 3:1-15                   Into the Wilderness

March 8                        Exodus 6:1-12                   Deconstruction

March 15                      Exodus 14:15-31               Deliverance & Song

March 22                      Exodus 16:1-13                 Sandstorms & Trust

March 29                      Exodus 19:16-20:21          Call & Response

April 5                          Exodus 32:7-20                 Prone to Wander

Love your Enemies


A six-week message and discussion series, based on Arthur Brooks book: Love your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.

It seems that with every passing news cycle our country becomes more divided. We find ourselves in entrenched positions against one other and vilify those who disagree with us. The issue, according to Arthur Brooks, is not just opposing viewpoints, but an 'outrage industrial complex" that prospers by setting American against American, creating a "culture of contempt."

What is our role as Christ-followers in this current climate? In his book, Brooks urges readers to build bridges rather than walls, replace contempt with empathy, focus on the many shared values rather than on the relatively few where we disagree, and embrace each other's common humanity. In other words, God has called us to a ministry of reconciliation and peacemaking.

The most important decision we make as Christ followers in the coming year will be whether or not we will follow Jesus into a ministry of reconciliation and  peacemaking and love our enemies. If anything is to change, it will need to begin with us. 

The series begins January 19th. Order your copy of the book and sign up for a discussion group by January 13th. Contact Jen O'Neil at