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Storrs Community Church


Storrs Community Church strives to be a community that reflects the love God has for us and all people. In these days, we believe that means providing a platform for people in our community to ask for help and to offer help. Please feel free to share this with people in our geographic community.

The two needs we imagine we can be most helpful in matching people around are in setting up technology at home and in doing grocery shopping or other errands for people who choose not to or are unable to leave their houses. We wish to provide these services in a respectful and responsible manner. So for technological help, the expectation is that we try first a phone call to walk someone through how to set up, but if that is unsuccessful and if both parties are willing, then an in-home visit where people keep their social distance and sanitize all touched surfaces. For grocery shopping, the expectation is same-day reimbursement and drop-off on a porch or some open area. There is also an option to request some kind of help that we have not anticipated.

The link to request help is here - request help and the link to offer help is here - offer help. Someone from Storrs Community Church will be monitoring requests until further notice, and will match requests with people willing to help in a nearby area. If you are unable to fill out the forms or have any questions, please email   .

If you are in need of food or financial assistance, visit you town's social services page, this page for food banks in your area - or . If you are in a position to do so, please consider donating to WAIM or a local foodbank. Thank you for being part of our community, and God bless you in this time and always.