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Storrs Community Church

Our Values

Grace and Gratitude

We emphasize God’s unconditional acceptance and forgiveness in Jesus Christ as our primary motivation for all that we do. We attempt to live out of gratitude rather than guilt or shame. The life we live is one of response to what God has done for us.


The journey is as important as the destination. We encourage each other to explore our questions and progress in our spiritual journeys, each at their own pace.


We sense a deepening call as God’s people to be a catalyst for social justice and to work together to transform unjust policies, structures, and institutions so they work on behalf of the common good.


We want to welcome others the way God has welcomed us. We want to be a safe and accepting place for people, whatever their background. Everyone is created in the image of God and is to be treated with the dignity.


Worship celebrates the grace of God in Christ and strengthens our everyday, in-the-world worship. We value worship that is God focused, Biblically centered, culturally sensitive, and historically rich.

Biblical Formation and Discipleship

As the inspired Word of God, the Bible shapes our life and witness. We strive to apply and live the Word of God with integrity and to be a community where all members are involved in learning what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ.